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European Commission to visit Amsterdam

The European Commission is visiting Amsterdam to mark the start of the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council. On 7 January 2016 Prime Minister Mark Rutte will receive the members of the European Commission at the National Maritime Museum.

From 1 January to 1 July 2016, Amsterdam will be the venue for many of the meetings held during the Dutch EU Presidency. The main locations are the National Maritime Museum and the neighbouring historic naval dockyard, the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam (MEA).

Climate change

After the reception with Mr Rutte, the Commissioners will meet the members of the Dutch government. Later that morning Mr Rutte will meet with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in the Europe Building. In various sessions held at the same time, the other members of the government and of the European Commission will engage in talks on issues including employment and growth, climate change and counterterrorism.

Royal meeting

In the afternoon the European Commission will meet with His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The visit will end with a joint meeting between the European Commission and members of the Dutch Senate and the House of Representatives.

Dutch EU Presidency

Every six months a different member state holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In 2016 the Netherlands will hold the Presidency for the 12th time. The last time was in 2004.  As EU Presidency holder, the Netherlands' guiding principles are a Union that focuses on the essentials, a Union that focuses on growth and jobs through innovation, and a Union that connects policy with citizens and civil society.

The Presidency’s priorities

  • Migration & international security
  •  Europe as an innovator & job creator
  • Sound finances & a robust eurozone
  • Forward-looking climate & energy policy

European Commission to visit Amsterdam

European Commission to visit Amsterdam
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  • Transcription text

    For the first six months of 2016, the Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the European Union.

    We will chair the meetings held in Brussels and Luxembourg. And hold informal meetings for European guests in the heart of Amsterdam.

    The National Maritime Museum and AmsterdamÕs naval dockyard exemplify the international outlook of the Netherlands.

    During its term, the Netherlands will work to improve European cooperation.

    We are bound to make big strides by focusing on key issues:

    A safe and free Europe, and a common approach to conflict situations;

    An effective and fair single market Ð with more jobs and decent incomes;

    A common and fair policy on migration and asylum;

    A future-proof climate and energy policy Ð with sustainable growth and energy security;

    And a strong and stable eurozone Ð with healthy budgets and modern economies.

    We want to be an innovative Union that fosters prosperity and wellbeing for all its citizens.

    This can only be achieved by developing a Union that puts people first, involving them in EU decision-making.

    WeÕre realistic: European collaboration is often a matter of small steps and compromises. We know we must work together to tackle the issues of today and tomorrow. ItÕs the only way to meet new challenges.

    The Netherlands is committed to making this happen. Not just for six months, but also in the years ahead.

    Welcome to the Netherlands.